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Oct. 04, 2008 Thoughts of Our 5th Anniversary Celebration

WOW!!! Cant believe its been five years now since I started this new journey.  I didn't know a clue of what I was doing.  Just LOVED and ENJOYED creating dolls.  I remember when I started practicing creating dolls. They were AWFUL (hee,hee).  I said one day I will get the quality and the way I wanted them to look. Had about 3 years of working and practicing until I felt satisfy.  Then planning to create a website and who to go to was another story.  All this internet world, so much to offer.  Lots of primitive designers out there.  I found Donna (Gone Country Graphics).  She guide me through everything.  At first it wasnt easy but then I kind of got the picture.  I didnt know nothing about HTML and learned the hard way.  Its still hard even now.  Then after some time I had to go a new directions.  Changed from Cynthias Country Designs to Cynthias Primitives and looked for a new web site host that wasnt as difficult as with my first website(I didnt have a Do it Yourself website).  And the most important had a good tutorial and excellent customer service.  And I found Pappashop.  Its been excellent since then. 

As I say at my "About Me" page.  The first year I sold only a couple of dolls.  The second year much the same.  I was thinking of closing since I wasnt going to keep paying all that is involve with a website(domain, hosting, shopping cart, advertising, etc.).  My husband encourage me and told me that when you start a business you could see the profit after the first and/or second year.  He also told me to had patience.  And it sure has been WONDERFUL.  I also thought if I open a local store and give it a shot and couldnt suceed I would lose a lot more.  Here I could lose but never the same amount of money.  Also a local store wont give me the exposure that I have through here. My dolls have travel far distance so this is an honor for just that.  Knowing that somebody so far is caring and loving one of my creations.

Thats why I always think that this is a true store.  I see it that way.  If you visit me often you have notice that I change the image of my website quite a bit.  I always think when you go to a store you are pulled in when you see there great display and how the store is presented.  So I think the same here if I change my display(image) once in a while you will like to visit me because you enjoy and like what you see and its new.  Dont you think?  Do you think the same here?  Not to criticize but I have gone to websites and they still have the same image as when they started.  I still buy there items but its kind of the same old style.  Its like going to a store for years and its always the same.  You kind of get bore.  Dont you?  But not everybody has the time and/or knowledge for this.  Im not a web designer or not even close.  But I like to search and find out stuff that I dont know.  So when you visit me besides loving my creations you also enjoy your visit.  And also you could see that besides working hard on my creations I work hard with my website.  Or at least I try.  I hope you like this.  This is my humble opinion. 

Things are not easy and I know economy is getting worse.  But I always think positive and know that everything will come through.  I have thought LOTS of times to get a full time job.  But my babies pull me back to them.  I just cant stop creating these dolls.  They speak to me.  Im a little girl playing but all grown up now(smile).  Sometimes it gets pretty slow but when you least expect there it is a WONDERFUL customer appears and helps you out with some extra cash. 

Thanks so much for ALL these years of support and compliments!!! I sure feel BLESS with my job.  For ALL my loyal customers:  I couldnt done it without you.  Thanks to you I can CELEBRATE.  I hope to be here for years to come.  I sure hope so!!!

If you have any comments or would like to share your thoughts drop me a note.  I'll be more than happy to include them here.


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