My Notes

Primitive Black Country Doll -Peyo El Jibaro-

I just loved creating Peyo! I had him in my mind for some time and at last gave him life. I considered him part of our Puerto Rican culture. The way my husband and myself remembered the jibaros of our past. You would say Jibaro stands for "mountain people" who lived "in-land". They are considered the backbone of the Puerto Rican culture. Peyo was a true person that my husband grew up seeing in his home town of Las Marias. He has some story about him: "Hi, here is Peyo the black "El Prieto". Peyo was an important person of my childhood and very popular. He is my vision of a friend and of a "jibaro" and he was black." These types of "Jibaros" were very comun due to the extreme poverty. They used these type of hat made from paper bag. They used no shoes and always had a machete(knife) in there belt. With the machete they work in the agriculture and as an arm of defence. There clothes were similar in the years 20 thru 60.
A jibaro was the poor campesino, uneducated, and illiterate. He made do with what little he had. The jibaro was not educated, but he was not stupid. He had natural wisdom. Other traits traditionally linked to jíbaros were honesty, bravery, hospitality, self-sufficiency, stuburness, and lots of pride.
We speak in the past tense because the true jíbaro is now dead, gone forever, but NOT forgotten. So, we can't say that there are any true jíbaros left - only jíbaros from heart.
No glue was used creating Peyo. He also has a small basket with coffee beans in it! He is about 33" long. The machete was hand carved by my husband.

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